”In my opinion, the service I received deserves special mention. Starting from the moment I made the request to the time after the surgery, everything was amazing, the service I received and continue to receive.”

- Clarice Turner

"We have made quality our habit. It’s not something that we just strive for – we live by this principle every day".

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  • Leading medical facility in the Baltics: Providing the best inpatient and clinical care in the region

  • Flights & accommodation: Booking flights and accommodation for patients from abroad to ensure their comfort

  • Backup and safety: Insurance and safety coverage for patients to ensure their safety.

  • Driver & airport pickup: Driver for pick-up and return to the airport with additional chauffeur services as needed.

  • Travel Manager 24/7: During your trip, you will have a travel manager and guide who will coordinate and arrange everything for you.

  • No hidden costs: No hidden costs and your package will be prepared according to your treatment plan with your surgeon, any additional services will be provided to you for your convenience.

  • Aftercare: Assistance with aftercare during your recovery, and you may consult with your physician.


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To schedule a consultation, please contact us using the contact information below.

Abroad Treatments Lithuania aims to be the leading medical resource for overseas patients seeking quality and competitive prices in Europe.

Firmly believing that European medical standards and experience are no shortcuts, we offer our international patients the same high-quality, confidence-inspiring healthcare and modern expertise they receive in Europe.

You are invited to meet our best surgeons, and our medical representatives will take care of all your treatment.

Medical abroad in Lithuania

Leading aesthetic gynecologists and plastic surgeons in Europe. The certified medical experts focus on the safety and care of each patient in a compassionate environment with state-of-the-art facilities. Visit our specialized doctors in Lithuania who are EU-certified surgeons. Unique rehabilitation treatment developed by the specialists combines both: body massage and individual kinesiotherapy.

Abroad treatments result in cosmetic gynaecology and reconstructive surgery provide a positive and life-enhancing experience;

Frequently Asked Questions

Diagnostic, Health, SPA treatments

Surgeries can be combined and coordinated with other procedures during your visit. Check all abroad Spa Treatments here...

Going Abroad for Medical care in Europe ? Your gateway for medical Tourism

We know that facial and body care are very important treatments, and we offer highly professional care to our international patients in our clinics and hospitals in Lithuania. Get treated by our experienced specialists in beauty care, dental cosmetics, cosmetic gynecology, and body care to make the healing process as fast as possible.

Abroad Treatments offers all medical-tourist services and treatments for patients from all over the globe, pre-scheduled without long waiting times. The moment you leave us a message or call us via Viber/Whatsapp or through the chatbot, our medical representatives are ready to help you.

We hold values of professionalism with expertise in delivering the highest quality services that offer the best solutions for your beauty and well-being.

To schedule a consultation, please contact us using the contact information below.

Lithuanian Medical Evolution

√ No waiting list, 100% European practitioners;

√ Advanced and effective methods for diagnostics and treatment;

√ Personalized care of outstanding quality;

√ Travel assistant, reliable insurance covering surgical malpractice;

√ Experience in the care of patients from abroad;

√ Wonderful clinics, wellness centers and rehabilitation resorts


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