”In my opinion, the service I received deserves special mention. Starting from the moment I made the request to the time after the surgery, everything was amazing, the service I received and continue to receive.”

- Clarice Turner

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Male Breast Procedure

Man boob reduction

If you are a man with enlarged breasts and would like to have this procedure performed abroad in Lithuania, the certified European doctors understand your fears, discomfort and concerns about the effects it will have on your overall well-being. Our doctors have extensive experience in safely reducing enlarged boobs while restoring your natural masculine figure.

Lithuanian Medical Evolution

√ No waiting list, 100% European practitioners;

√ Advanced and effective methods for diagnostics and treatment;

√ Personalized care of outstanding quality;

√ Travel assistant, reliable insurance covering surgical malpractice;

√ Experience in the care of patients from abroad;

√ Wonderful clinics, wellness centers, and rehabilitation resorts

Frequently Asked Questions

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The goal of cosmetic surgery is to improve and beautify the appearance. It has gained popularity over time as patient awareness grows. Aesthetics in Lithuania is a respected country in the field of cosmetic procedures and offers leading plastic surgery in Europe. Abroad Treatments strive to take care of international patients who are seeking and looking for high quality and very affordable prices and competitive compared to any other European country, USA and Canada. We always try to evaluate the needs of foreign patients both in terms of budget and expectations for each surgery and ensure their safety. We have some of the best cosmetic surgeons who personally work with patients to meet their exact needs. Here at the Aesthetics, we provide a wide range of plastic surgery procedures that can help people achieve self-satisfaction and look more beautiful. If you wish to schedule a consultation, please contact us and one of our staff will schedule an appointment for you.

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