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Breast size reduction abroad in Lithuania is performed whenever a woman desires instant gratification, an increase in self-esteem, and an improvement in the quality of life for those who have large breasts and may suffer from back or neck pain, skin rashes, or difficulty exercising. Having a large bust size can affect clothing choices, as well as finding swimwear that helps you stay in shape. With breast surgery abroad, in Lithuania, you can find good specialists who can help you shape your breasts according to your body proportions and get the aftercare you need.

”In my opinion, the service I received deserves special mention. Starting from the moment I made the request to the time after the surgery, everything was amazing, the service I received and continue to receive.”

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How to decide if you need Breast size reduction?

Breast size reduction may be suitable for you if you are in a healthy physical condition and not pregnant or currently breastfeeding;

  • Having chronically sore shoulders, neck, and back requiring pain medication.

  • Grooves around the shoulders or marks on the shoulders from a bra strap.

  • Tight sensation in the nerves.

  • Having low self-esteem because of large breasts.

  • A chronic rash or skin irritation under the breasts.

Breast Reduction Surgery?

A breast reduction is a surgery in which excess fat, tissue and skin are removed of your breasts. When you have large breasts that are disproportionate to the rest of your body and cause neck or back pain or other symptoms, you should consider breast reduction surgery.

The majority of women who undergo breast reduction abroad in Lithuania are very pleased with the results. Even men with conditions such as gynecomastia (in which the male breasts are abnormally enlarged) sometimes undergo this type of surgery.

Since the procedure is major, you should be aware of the benefits, possible complications, and the recovery process.

  • During breast reduction surgery, the breast tissue and skin are adjusted to the patient's body proportions by removing excess tissue and skin.

  • After breast reduction surgery, scars will inevitably remain. These scars are circular around the areola and run in an inverted T-shape from the nipple down. In newer surgical methods, no horizontal incision is made under the breast. Only one incision is made that goes around the nipple and straight down.

  • As the skin recovers, these scars become less visible over time.

  • The breast reduction surgery abroad in Lithuania is done under general anesthesia and usually takes a total of 2.5 to 4 hours.

How is the resizing done?

Having a successful breast reduction can help relieve pain in your upper back, neck and shoulders. You may also find it improves your ability to participate in physical activities and promotes a more positive view of yourself.

After breast reduction surgery, what can be expected?

Having your breast size reduced might incorporate of the following procedures;

  • Surgery through incisions

  • Liposuction to remove the excessive fat in your breasts.

  • Your surgeon will usually make an incision around the areola and along with each breast.

  • Eliminates excess breast tissue, fat, and skin to reduce the size of the breasts

  • Re-shapes the breast and repositions the nipple and areola.

Having A breast reduction at a glance?

A breast reduction is often performed in conjunction with other facelift surgical procedures, as the combination of two techniques can help achieve the desired appearance of a more natural and youthful face. Thus, breast reduction surgery may be performed in conjunction with the following procedures:

  1. Middle facelift

  2. Facelift

  3. Neck lift

  4. Chin augmentation

  5. Eyelid rejuvenation surgery

Is it possible to combine breast reduction with a face lift ?

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