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The chin, along with important adjacent features such as the lips, teeth, and nose, plays an important role in overall balance. With careful assessment and planning, aesthetic correction of a chin malposition can significantly improve the overall balance and proportions of the face.

Which method of aesthetic chin correction can be performed?

There are various aesthetic procedures that can help restore balance and structural symmetry to your face. The method selected for correcting a particularly aesthetic problem will depend on the nature and extent of the deformity.

Chin liposuction

Chin Liposuction is a minimally invasive surgical procedure in which unwanted fat under the chin is removed to sculpt a balanced chin and neck contour.

lower facelift

For a more thorough facial rejuvenation, a suitable solution may be a lower facelift, which aims to remove excess fat and loose skin that gives one’s face a tired and sad look. In addition, a lower facelift shapes a more graceful and balanced profile of the chin and may be beneficial to those with a double chin.


Surgical correction of aesthetic deformities of the chin can be performed by either chin augmentation with an implant or by bone alteration, better known as osteoplasty, and advancement or reduction of the chin bone.

As with all aesthetic procedures, thorough preoperative analysis is essential. Specifically, the chin should be evaluated by a medical professional as it relates to other skeletal and soft tissue structures, including the lips, teeth, nose, and soft tissues of the neck. In addition to that, every plastic surgery requires some preparation in order to avoid any preoperative and postoperative complications

√ During Initial wound healing usually takes up to 2-4 weeks.

√ Depending on the procedure, the incisions can be made inside one’s mouth or under the chin. If there are sutures placed intraorally, they will dissolve within 10 days. However, externally placed sutures may be either dissolvable or have to be removed after the surgery if non-dissolvable sutures are used.

√ Swelling and localised pain may be present for up to 1 month after the procedure and should be managed with non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs, if the operating doctor has not advised differently.

√ If the stitches are placed externally, it is very important not to rub the wound and avoid applying makeup products as they may cause infection.

√ Chin cosmetic surgery procedures usually leave almost invisible scars under the chin or no scars at all.

√ Patients are strongly discouraged from consuming alcohol and using tobacco products, especially while taking any kind of prescribed drugs after the surgery as this may provoke some toxic side effects.

Possible side effects

Even though a great majority of aesthetic procedures are considered to be very safe, complications associated with chin augmentation with implants nevertheless may appear.

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