√ Accommodation in a cozy 4-star hotel room

√ Full board (breakfast, lunch, and dinner included)

√ Unlimited stay in a swimming pool and sauna area every day

√ Unlimited gym visit once a day

√ Physician‘s consultation and set up a personalized program for testing and treatment


More than 80 different treatments, rehabilitation, wellness, facial and body care services are offered by the center:

Abroad Medical and specialist consultations, health care 24/7, Physiotherapy, Kinesiotherapy, Therapeutic treatments, Therapeutic baths, Therapeutic mud, salt and kerosene treatments, Massages, Spa treatments, and Medical examinations (ECG, blood).

Relaxing Spa for you

Swimming pool , sauna zone, jacuzzi, vertical bath Finnish, Russian and steam bath.

Natural and calming colours, prevailing in a swimming pool and sauna zone, perfectly match a surrounding green forest and nearby water pond while opening a view which gives a possibility to enjoy nature and reward one with a full relaxation.

Ask for a special Package

If you want to combine SPA treatments with hotel to make your holiday memorable in Lithuania.




Lithuania medical and SPA vacation is a wonderful place to have adventures. Here you will find plenty of action, be it casual or loud, enjoy dining in restaurants, bars, or lakes, or explore nature. Get in touch with us so we can help you arrange an unforgettable medical treatment abroad in one of the most magical places in the world. At our center, we offer 80 different treatments, rehabilitation, wellness, facial, and body care services..

Abroad Treatments - Overseas Medical Care

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